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Our Duties

Duties of a Property Manager


Minimum of monthly site visits

Six monthly thorough internal and external inspections

Negotiation of operating expense contracts

Identify and resolve maintenance issues

Identify and carry out preventative maintenance

Seek to improve the presentation and attractiveness of the property 

Ensure the building is compliant with the Building Act 2004 

Obtain an annual building warrant of fitness

Ensure the property is safe and healthy for all tenants and the public

Project manage capital works

Ensure insurance valuation current and current insurances are held


Collect rents and operating expenses & debtor management 

Setting of operating expense budgets

Allocation of operating expenses on multi tenanted site

Undertaking operating expense wash-ups

Investigate & resolve tenant’s issues & promptly respond to queries

Maintain open dialogue with tenants

Provide 24/7 contact to the property manager - not a call centre

Oversee tenant fit-out and contractors on site

Conduct rent reviews, lease renewals & variations, assignment of lease, sub-

leasing and new leases

Ensuring the tenant is complying with the Deed of Lease

Maintain current tenant database, records and tenancy schedule


Promptly respond to all Landlord queries

Monies received from tenants are held in a trust account

Ensure current insurance held covering liability and loss of rents 

Provide 24/7 contact with the property manager - not a call centre

Monthly financial report and management report to the Landlord

Identify value add opportunities 

Identify future capital works, obtain pricing and relay to Landlord

Approval sought prior to approving items chargeable to Landlord

Approval required for all expenditure over pre-determined amount 

Approval sought for tenant’s fit outs, rent reviews, renewals, extensions, 

assignments, sub-letting, new leases and capital works

Communicate with professional advisors on your behalf (valuers etc)

Conduct rent reviews, lease renewals, assignment of leases, sub-leasing, new 

leases and associated due diligence work