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The Benefits

Benefits of working with NAI Harcourts

An extremely knowledgeable and efficient team

The award winning NAI Harcourts have both their leasing and sales team working within the same office, providing us with greater insight into market conditions and tenant availability. Unfortunate vacancies are immediately circulated to our agents ensuring any leasing opportunities are maximised for the benefit of our clients. Having these two teams work so closely side by side allows NAI Harcourts to work with speed and efficiency.


Access to Property and Financial data 24-7

NAI Harcourts utilise software which is designed specifically for the property industry, allowing us to store a comprehensive catalogue of data and information on a property and provide a range of accounting and management reports to suit a landlord’s requirements. Even better, we provide a portal that can be utilised any time by property owners, giving them access to financial statements and other key property information 24-7. Our software is also compatible with the Xero accounting application.


Great rates with contractors and insurers

As we operate a collective property portfolio, clients are able to benefit due to our ability to negotiate the best rates with contractors and insurers.


We only use proven contractors

NAI Harcourts only use those contractors who are proven in their field and will provide a prompt response, quality service standards and comply with the latest health and safety legislation.


Our fees are recoverable

Our Management fees are often included as part of the operating expenses of a commercial property and are therefore considered recoverable from the tenants. This improves cash flow for a property and is the key difference between residential and commercial investment.


Your place is our place

We take pride in managing our client’s property as if it were our own.

What Sets Us Apart


As some owners may wish to deal with certain aspects of their property, we have designed a range of services which allows owners to choose and decide which aspect of managing a property they would sooner have a professional property manager deal with and which they would like to deal with themselves.  All this whilst benefiting from our expertise.

In other words, forming a partnership which tailors the owner’s requirements to suit.

Integrated Leasing Services

"Building on the success of the award winning NAI Harcourts sales and leasing team"

While we always proactively work with leasing agents, our close working relationship with the award winning NAI Harcourts Sales and Leasing team gives us a distinct advantage. 

Being the preeminent commercial market leader in the Waikato provides us with the best opportunity to lease space quickly and with the latest market information always at hand, ensure that rentals are at optimum levels.

Specialised Property Management Software

We use accounting and management software designed specifically for the property management industry.  

This provides autonomy and flexibility to manage any type and size of property.   We can store a comprehensive catalogue of data for the property and provide a range of accounting and management reports to suit the landlord’s requirements.  

We also provide an owner’s portal giving them access to statements and other key property information 24/7.  

Additionally, it is compatible with Xero accounting software to further improve the information flow for owners.